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08. November 2011

img_9804s.jpg Writing blogs is very different, when you’re on a long tour being the support act. Even though there is so much happening, not that much is actually happening. The daily run through is almost always the same, the gigs are unique, if you happen to be there, not when you read about it. Therefore there is not that much to tell to those sitting in front of their computer, eagerly waiting for news. Daily routine is about the most exciting thing you can deliver in written form and it goes like this:

tourbus.jpg Between 8am and 10am we get up, depending how far the next gig is away, as 3pm is our planned arrival. Our day begins with complaints coming from lighting guy Thomas, who doesn’t have a clue what 8am is! If it would be up to him, nobody would get up before 11am and if you had to there should be a penalty. As we spend most of our time in hotels, we check out and try to find our car. This is not too hard, as looking for a parking space the night before was unforgettable as 5 co-pilots keep talking at the driver, who himself has a fixed idea, where he should park the van. A new trauma every night, on the bright side, we always know where the van is parked the next morning. The next discussion: where are we going to get breakfast?

breakfast.jpg After sound guy Raffi and merch girl Astrid made porridge in the hotel room on a portable stove and ate it, to Thomas’ distress, hippie style sitting around the pot, only 4 out of 6 are hungry. So we Discuss whether we should have breakfast on the way or find a place to eat where we are, or even if we’ll wait til lunchtime to eat. The next problem after the breakfast debate: Where will we have lunch? Should we stop to eat somewhere or hold out til 3pm where we can fill up on the catering at the venue. So the journey goes ahead with the usual Backseatdriver discussions, maybe we’ll watch a movie.  img_9623s.jpg Depending on who is the driver the goal is to; never go too fast so we use as little fuel as possible (Paul); go fast to get there quicker, who cares about the fuel (Sami); sit quietly in the back so one doesn’t have to drive at all (Gregor); manage the route as passionately and impulsive as possible (Raffi); survive the tips Thomas gives every minute of the way (Astrid).

soundcheckn.jpg Next point of discussion comes up: Where to park at the venue, follwed by the discussion when to unload the car. Straight away or towards 5p.m when the soundcheck starts. So 5p.m arrives and the sound is checked. An hour later is dinner time togehter with Jupiter Jones. No quarrels there. After dinner the Laptops go back on, which are used all day long, in the car (thanks to mobile internet) and everywhere else too. Tiping, Printing, Facebooking and Youtubing starts. Everyone has such important work to do and does it in a fashion that everyone else knows about it. It can get quite noisy.

img_9695s.jpg Around 7.30 p.m it quietens down. Astrid has already made her way to the Merchstand, people have already started coming into the venue around 7 o’clock and some of them tend to steal CD’s or newsletter sheets (who steals paper!?). Raffi and Thomas take their place at the mixing desks and the three glorious lads change into their stagewear. Gaffatape is wastefully used to stick on the earpieces of the headphones and for general amusement.

img_9654s.jpg 8 pm – time to rock, to enjoy the audience and to in- and exhale the music. At 40 past 8 My Glorious finishes and the stage gets changed round and is finished at 9 pm ready for Jupiter Jones’ first drumstrokes. A smoking concert begins and doesn’t end until 20 minutes to eleven. In the meantime there’s glorious work in progress backstage, the van has been loaded (not without the discussion about who must help, who hasn’t helped and why).

merch3.jpg Well and then it’s Merchtime, the best time of the evening next to making music. We get to meet people, sign CD’s, T-shirts and bodyparts. We talk, invite people to upcoming concerts and take pictures. Right about then the tired techs start bugging the band about going to the hotel, of course, their work is done already. If it were up to the glorious guys, we’d be staying at the venue forever and probably even camp there. A compromise is found, well I say a compromise…whoever has the key to the van, fetches it and parks it right where everyone can see it and waits impatiently with running motor until everyone has gotten in. Then follows the fun drive to the hotel which perfectly reflects the modd of the preceeding gig. And then we’re back to the parking discussion, but we’ve already tackled that one. Then it’s off to bed. And that’s nice.

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