2011 – A truly glorious year (incl. new videos)

31. December 2011

January/February 2011
Why are we in San Francisco? It’s our last stop before Weed, North California – the name also describes the city’s smell. We were following the call from Star producer Sylvia Massy, to record our album “Inside My Head Is A Scary Place”. A call we nearly overheard, because we thought the MySpace message she sent us is a fake.

(Randoms scenes from our work in Weed. Also check out videolog #23, #24, #25, #26 and #27.)

February 2011
Cover shooting for the new album. The great artist Tupho, with whom we had already worked on the last albums cover, creates a grand picture which will front the CD (check out videolog #32! where we get airbrushed).

March 2011
We are winners of the International Independent Music Award in the category “Best concept Album”. Joel Madden, Ozzy Osbourne, Seal, Tom Waitts and other artists decide that our album “Home Is Where The Heart Breaks” is worthy of this prize. We are the first Austrian band to ever win this award.

(On the road in Germany shortly after we got the info that we won the award.)

March/April 2011
We go on tour with the fantastic German band Jupiter Jones for the first time. 10 cities, sold out shows and a couple of thousand people in the audience. Great times. At the first show a talent scout of renowned booking agency K.O.K.S sees us and we sign to them (check out videolog #28, #29, #30 and especially #31)

April 2011
My Glorious Productions Inc – We founded a stock company in Miami, Florida. We want to be independent from the music industry, and don’t want to go along with the crap that is happening there so we decided to be the first band worldwide to do something completely new. Since then we finance ourselves by selling shares of the band which means that one can buy shares of the band and directly profit from our success, or go down with us.

May- August 2011
We finished mixing the album. Raphael, our sound guy, and Sami mix a couple of the tracks which we weren’t satisfied with new. We finalise the album.

August 20th, 2011
We recorded our music video together with the fantastic filmmakers of Immortal Arts. For the first time we get to be creative on video. Little Mia plays the leading role and takes our hearts by storm.

(The new videolog give you a look behind the scenes.)

September 16th, 2011
Our single “Flower” is released in Austria/Switzerland/Germany. Also our amazing album trailer goes online.

September 30st, 2011
The album follows and is released too.

October/November 2011
We go on tour again with the guys from Jupiter Jones. This time we play twice as many concerts with up to 3.000 visitors. Over the course of the tour we play to around 27.000 people and travel over 13.000 Kilometres, which has us sitting in the tour bus for over 143 hours (check out videolog #33 and #34 for a great summary).

December 2011
Via a facebookmessage from Sasha, manager and guitarist of Jupiter Jones, we are pointed to the fact, that we have won “Best Newcomer (Rock)” on iTunes Germany. Very unexpected and very uplifting. Two small unplugged Christmas concerts follow in Vienna which we record and give away to everyone who buys tickets to our Minefield tour in spring 2012.


This year was amazing… thanks to you. It’s all your fault, you know.

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